“By 1869, the year Riverside Boat Club was formed, there were approximately ninety American rowing clubs. Club memberships were booming, sixty-five regattas were held annually throughout the country, and racing for prizes was attracting widespread interest. Rowing was on its way to becoming America’s most popular spectator sport.”
– Dick Garver, Club Historian
The History of Riverside: A Book

In its nearly 150 years of existence, Riverside has evolved with the times and surrounding community. Historian Dick Garver has chronicled Riverside’s history in a book, where one can learn about how both Riverside and the sport of rowing have developed and how RBC has become the thriving association it is today.

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The History of Riverside in the RBC Press

The Riverside Press, our blog, will also feature monthly posts that dive into Riverside’s rich history in more detail.

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Riverside and St. Alphonsus Boat Clubs

The number of rowing clubs in the Boston area was at its zenith in 1900. Many were neighborhood-based. In addition to Cambridgeport’s Riverside Boat Club, they included its archrival, the Bradford Boat Club, located just above the Cottage Farm Bridge; the Jeffries Point Boat Club, the
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